OptFrame - Optimization Framework


OptFrame is an optimization framework focused project, in which researchers generalizes concepts related to metaheuristics and mathematical programming models. In particular, the resolution of NP-Hard problems if within the scope of this projects.

Special thanks for SourceForge.net

The OptFrame project was hosted in SourceForge.net for 8 years and we are very grateful for all support during this time. Thanks to this support, we have published several academic papers and solved many large scale problems during these years. In order to easily interact with new project collaborators the project is now moved to GitHub platform.

Thanks a lot SourceForge/GitHub!


ICENSE GNU Lesser General Public License v3

Our team

Our team of contributors already counted with researchers and students from different levels of studies and backgrounds.

OptFrame current maintainers:

Igor Machado Coelho

Igor Machado Coelho

Vitor Nazário Coelho

Vitor Nazário Coelho